Junket Interviews: Cuarón and Coltrane

May 27, 2004

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Thanks to collaboration between Cinecon, DanRadcliffe.com, HPANA, Mugglenet and TLC (we’re splitting up transcription duties, since we were all there), we’re happy to present two of the four junket transcripts. Click and enjoy!

Alfonso Cuarón
Q: So, you mentioned that you didn’t read the Harry Potter books before, but are you a Harry Potter fan for life now?
AC: The moment I read the third one, immediately went through the first, I read 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (laughing).
Robbie Coltrane
Do you find your job a bit easier now that the kids know the art of filmmaking?
RC: Absolutely. Much quicker. Getting competence with anything; what happens when you get to know how anything works, you works out the bits you don’t have to worry about. You work out the bits you can discard. They are much more focused I would say.

Finding Hogwarts

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