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May 28, 2004

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Carley and Donald both let us know that VARIETY’s review of PoA is now on their site, although the full review is only available to subscribers (they do have a trial subscription, though). This editor doubts that the critic has read any of the Harry Potter books, because of comments like, “Notably lacking is the sort of action-oriented climax that punctuated the earlier films, as “Prisoner of Azkaban” closes with a cerebral time-traveling interlude that nearly requires a crash-course in “Terminator” logic.” He did, however, have praise for the young stars, saying, that the “talented young performers … are ably growing up with their pubescent characters.”
The Guardian’s reviewer, as well, doesn’t seem familiar with the plots of Book 4 and Book 5, and says:

After three movies, I find myself now longing for Harry to test his powers outside the closed world of school, to confront a human adversary in a situation where magic skills may or may not be of any use, or else to use them to quell a wizard-opponent viciously seeking dominion in the muggle world.

Instead, the impetus of the Harry Potter films seems at this stage to be in the opposite direction: to retreat further from the concerns of non-magic civilians into an autistic wizard-ish universe, which will be increasingly baroque and complex and pregnant with its own self-important Tolkien-esque seriousness and “darkness”. This new Harry Potter picture will cast a spell on its fanbase. But the broomstick’s losing altitude.

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