NY Times: Cuaron Working a “Darker Kind of Magic”


May 09, 2004

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Today’s Summer Movies section of the New York Times features an article on Cuaron’s efforts with PoA:

“This is pretty much a film about identity,” Mr. Cuarón said in his easy but heavily accented English. He had returned to his office down the hall in the SoHo building where post-production work was proceeding feverishly. The shoes were off again. Raking his fingers through his slightly demonic beard, he slumped on one of the sofas, near a huge pile of toys he keeps on the floor for his toddling daughter and any other children who happen to drop by.

“It’s about a kid trying to come to terms with being a teenager, with being 13 and having an awareness of things,” Mr. Cuarón continued. “It’s the moment when you realize that the monster is not under the bed or in the closet, but inside you – and the only weapon to fight that monster also resides inside you.”

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