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Jun 02, 2004

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We now have a transcript of last night’s G4TechTV show about the Prisoner of Azaban video game and movie (click below to read). The show “Players”, which will air again on Sat. June 5th at 3pm(est), had many quick behind the scenes shots of the filming of PoA, and clips of the film, interspersed with quick shots of the video game. There were also new interviews, including this from Daniel Radcliffe about playing the video game : “It’s very weird kinda, when I do something, and end up dying, cause kinda seeing myself die, its really very strange and slightly twisted and disturbing. But it’s fun.”
* Opening sequence from PoA trailer, mixed in with many new shots of the video game*
Dan Radcliffe: “It’s very weird kinda, when I do something, and then end up dying, cause kinda, seeing myself die, it’s really very strange and slightly twisted and disturbing. But it’s fun! I quite like it, although I’m not very good at video games, but I try. Rupert is very good at video games actually.”
Rupert Grint: “Yeah, I played the second one quite alot, that was cool. And World Cup Quidditch; that’s cool. “
Alfonso Cuaron: ” I have to say, when you do this film, it is so time consuming, you don’t have time to do anything but the movie. “
Emma Watson: “No, my brother does[play the video games] though; he loves them. “
Rupert Grint: “….I like shooting games, they’re quite cool .”
Alfonso Cuaron: ” I don’t even know how to turn a computer on.”
Dan Radcliffe : ” We don’t have a playstation or x-box or whatever at the studio. Though Rupert just got one in there , so I might just go in there one day. “
Rupert Grint : ” The [HP games] are usually quite good.”

* more behind the scenes shots of Dan running up to camera giving two thumbs up, Cuaron in divination set with all the students, shots of snowy hogesmeade *

Alfonso Cuaron: ” Working with those three kids is just, ah, first of all, it’s so much fun. But also, from a creative standpoint, they are probably bigger collaborators in this film. They know so much. They put so much on the table. It’s great between “Action!” and “Cut!”, but then between “Cut!” and “Action!” it is so much fun hanging out with them. “
Emma Watson : ” I really was excited about working with someone new, seeing new stars and new techniques. “
Dan Radcliffe: ” It was different from Chris, as you’d expect working with a different director. It was great. He [Alfonso Cuaron] did a really great job on the film; really fantastic film I think he’s made. I think the magic is much more evident in the third film than maybe in the first two. In the film, I think Alfonso was really quite keene to get a more in your face kind of magic.”

* Clip from film of Harry flying Buckbeak out of Care of Magical Creatures class and over Hogwarts*

Emma Watson : “The atmosphere is so fun. Alot of the crew has been working on these films since film one, and so we know each other really well. Me, Dan, and Rupert work together really well. We have a really good time. “
Daniel Radcliffe: ” It’s like a really big family on the set you know. Pretty much everyone has been there from the first film and we’ve know each other for 4 1/2 years now. Um, so you know its great to be seeing everyone again. “
Rupert Grint: ” We’re all sort of growing up alot.”
Robbie Coltrane : ” The children are changing. I’m not sadly (chuckles), but they are. You know they’re growing up.”
Rupert Grint: “Me & Dan’s voice have broken and we’re a bit taller too.”

Emma Watson: ” I think she[Hermione] has taken two films with being teased, horrible things being said about her and always pretended she didn’t hear or saying forget it,it’s cool. But in this one she’s like ‘NO! That’s it! I’m not having anymore of this and I’m fighting back.’ she’s feisty. She punches Malfoy. She storms out on teachers. She’s rock and roll. She’s good. “

Dan Radcliffe : “If the character is growing and your performance isn’t changing, then it is not going to happen, it’s not going to work, couldn’t possibly work, and so that’s what’s exciting about doing the fourth film.”
Rupert Grint: ” I was a big fan of the books, before I played them on fim, I really enjoyed it(the book).”

Dan Radcliffe:” At the end of the day the people I’m working to satisfy is obviously all of the fans. But the people I’m working directly with, Alfonso Cuaron, and J.K. Rowling, because she wrote the books, she discovered the character; she’s happy with what I’ve done with the character, then that’s great! That’s just amazing.”
Alfonso Cuaron: ” She’s [JKR] been. in one hand, completely respectful of the process. In the other hand, making herself available for to clarify things . sometimes there were the little things,through the process, I was adding to the table. and it was great to have the feedback, saying ‘Yea it makes perfect sense in the universe’ , or ‘Um that better not’ . She’s so elequent about her universe. She has this amazing knowledge of that universe. She knows every corner of that castle.”

* behind the scenes shots of choir singing*

Robbie Coltrane: ” A muggle or a wizard? Ah, I never really thought about it.”
Rupert Grint: ” Well, I can’t do magic, so I guess I’m a muggle (laughs).”
Alfonso Cuaron: ” I’m a banal muggle I guess, but that has wizard aspirations.”
Robbie Coltrane: ” I think I’m a muggle sadly, I’m sorta rather bound on the earth.”
Rupert Grint: “I guess we’re all muggles in real life. “
Alfonso Cuaron: “(laughing) So far, I keep on moving the magic wand and not much is happening.”
Dan Radcliffe: ” I’d like to think a wizard, probably.”

* Various clips of video game and film- end of segment*

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