Fleur Casting Rumor in Starlog Article


Jun 24, 2004

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Many readers have written in to tell us that in a recent Starlog article, the scans of which are posted on DanRadcliffe.com, Dan Radcliffe says the person playing Fleur is Pam Espose, not Clemence Poesy as previously reported.
Here are at least two reasons not to believe it (or at least believe it’s a misquote): BBC Newsround reported the casting of Fleur and in four years of HP movie reporting they’ve yet to get a casting notice wrong, and we heard in person in May at least three cast members off-handedly called the girl playing Fleur “Clemence.”

The only way this information would be correct would be in the case of a re-cast, either long ago (from Pam to Clemence) or very recently (from Clemence to Pam). All money from Leaky’s on Clemence, but we’ll be sure to update if we hear more.

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