JKR Confirms Hoax; Updates All Around Site


Jun 28, 2004

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Check out her Rumors section.

“I am trying very hard not to feel offended that anyone thought this was possible. ‘Storgé’, for crying out loud. Come on, people, get a grip.”

She also creates a rather funny new title rumor. Go to her site to get a chuckle.
(If you ask me, she’s rather responsible for all of our loose grips. We rule out nothing, JKR, nothing! We know better.)

Update: Make sure you check out her FAQ section as well; there’s a horde of new information on her life, writing, her family,and, in regard to the books, Hermione, CoS, the mirror in OotP, and much more. (Text-only link here.)

She’s also, ah…taken care of people breaking through that door of hers. Go ahead, try to get in.

Thanks Kate for the tip!

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