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Jun 04, 2004

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The new issue of Entertainment Weekly is on newstands and has a photo of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter on the cover of the magazine that reads ” Inside The Scary New World Of ‘Azkaban’ –What’s Next For The Series. ” The issue contains its review of the movie( B+ ) , a feature on the film, and other various updates about the actors and filmmakers. Several interesting pieces of new information were also in the magazine, including this about the possibility of a Order of the Phoenix film:
Beyond Goblet, the future is cloudy. Kloves has been asked to write
Order of the Phoenix. But Kloves–who directed 1989’s The Fabulous Baker Boys–would like to get back behind the camera again. He will choose between writing Phoenix and helming an adaptation of Mark Haddon’s best-seller The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time within weeks. There’s uncertainty with the kids, too. Where once Warner Bros. seemed willing to replace them the second they outgrew their roles or puberty hit them with an ugly stick, the studio now seems eager to keep the trio intact; it realizes that an identification has been made.
According to one source, Warner Bros. president Alan Horn even made a personal appeal to Watson to return for Goblet. All are taking it one film at a time, but Watson is said to be the one who deliberates the most carefully. “It’s only just now hit me how big this is. I don’t know why,” says Watson. “Sometimes, it’s flattering. Other times, it’s [big sigh].”

Also, this about the Goblet of Fire film:

Cuaron’s replacement will be Mike Newell (Four Weddings
and a Funeral). But Cuaron has made one major contribution to Goblet of Fire: According to Kloves, the director convinced him that the epic book should be one movie, not two, as originally planned.”

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