Interview with Charlie Weasley


Jul 26, 2004

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The Burrow now has an interview with Alex Crockford, the young actor who stood in as Charlie Weasley in the Prisoner of Azkaban film. When asked about his chances of returning for the Goblet of Fire film, he answered:
Minimal, I’m afraid. I got a letter from one of the director’s assistants telling me that Charlie isn’t featured in the current shooting script, but that he would let me know if he appears in a later draft or in Order of the Phoenix, although I don’t think Charlie’s actually in the book of OotP except possibly in another moving photograph (the one Percy walks out of.) So I suspect that my total screentime in the Harry Potter franchise at this rate will probably amount to roughly five seconds! There was talk that they might need Richard and myself again for the fourth film when I was on the set, but the book’s so long that they had to cut something out, so I think it’s extremely probable that my part will end up on the cutting room floor, if you excuse the _expression! I don’t know about Bill, though.

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