ADMIN: Leaky’s Server Drive Unbelievable Success; Editors Kiss Each Donor Individually


Jul 08, 2004

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Well, guys. You’ve done it again. We’re flabberghasted. We’re closing the drive down because we’ve already beseeched too much of your generosity, and we have more than enough to keep Leaky around a very long time.
Most of the donations come in within 24 hours of the call for help…and they totalled almost $12,000 in PayPal and cash/checks/money orders – oh, yes, and paper clips. Whoever you are, we got the unsigned package of giant colored paper clips, and love them a lot.

We love even more all the support you guys expressed. All those “Here’s my $2, it’s all I can give and I wish it could be more”s? Those really added up. And when some of you crazy people – you know who you are – opened your pocketbook and emptied it into our laps, our mouths dropped open and stayed there.

Even better were the letters and e-mails and notes and cards and greetings – such as the one from Mrs. Herrmann’s 7th-grade English-as-a-second-language class (who scrounged in their couches, milk money and parents’ cars to come up with a donation), and the one from the gentleman who implied that if we dare sent him a gift in return, he’d become quite cranky.

To honor all your wishes that your money be put to good use, Leaky is buying a top-of-the-line server that will allow us to give you superfast and always-running coverage. And there is plenty to spare, which will go into savings as money for operational costs for if/when we need it. Thanks to some more outrageous generosity (which we will explain soon), that money is going to keep Leaky well in business through book and movie seven – that is if a certain author keeps up the pace (nudge nudge, wink wink, Jo). What’s more, it will allow us the room to expand and grow; we can’t say there’s no chance of ads ever, but we can stave it off for a longer period of time, now.

We’ve always said that Leaky is the fans’ site – it’s now literally true. Thank you all again. We don’t know if we can ever say it enough.

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