PotterCast Download Problems Solved


Oct 06, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Many of you have noticed, if you use Roadrunner for your internet, that you were unable to download PotterCast #7. This is because we are technologically cursed, and the week we went back to using LibSyn as a provider is also the week that a battle between companies has resulted in blockages of large portions of the internet for many of its users. For us, that meant PotterCast listeners who are also RoadRunner subscribers were out of luck. We find it ridiculous that inter-company bickering would result in outages for any of the subscribers, but it’s out of anyone but Roadrunner’s hands.
Streamload to the rescue. We originally switched off for this week because the podcast is getting so popular we’re putting strain on their serving ability; we’ve now reuploaded the episode there. There should be no further problems. Try again if you’re subscribed; visit our our tutorial if you’re not. For many who’ve already downloaded the episode, your iTunes may try and just download it again, because we changed the address of the file. Either ignore this or stop the download manually; your choice. Thanks for your patience, everyone. And thank you, Streamload.

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