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Nov 04, 2005

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As we told you previously USA Weekend Magazine will be giving out one of three different Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire posters in your local newspaper this weekend. They have also launched an online contest now where you can win all three of the movie posters, here. They have posted a few from Goblet director Mike Newell about the trio:

So, what exactly can we measly muggles discover from these posters?
“With Ron, you can see he’s harboring a grudge,” explains director Mike Newell. “Quite a big chunk of this story is a falling out between him and Harry, and you can see in his eyes that has happened.

“Hermione looks like she has a secret, and of course she does. It’s an emotional one: She has a beau, Viktor Krum (Stanislav Ianevski). I don’t know if she’s in love, but she has had her heart touched in a way it hasn’t been before,” he says.

Newell believes Harry’s image is the most revealing: “This year, he’s up against something much bigger, meaner and more dangerous than anything he has been up against before: Voldemort. But he has grown up sufficiently and has strength of mind and purpose. And you can see this steely resolve is in him in this poster.”

Finding Hogwarts

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