New Potter Merchandise: Noble Collection, Hot Topic

Nov 04, 2005

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Starting to think about doing some holiday shopping?Here are some suggestions as the Noble Collection has updated yet again with some new and beautiful Harry Potter products. There is this stunning set of all four of the Dragons, The First Task Dragon Letter Opener Set, A four of the Hogwarts House Pens, a Sorting Hat Display for the pens, a Minature Hedwig in her cage, Fluffy, The Golden Snitch, a Phoenix Pendant, The Triwizard Cup, Hogwarts House Tree Ornaments, and finally, this cool Replica of Hogwarts! Phew!
Also, Hot Topic has added new t-shirts including Support Cedric Diggory shirts, and Viktor Krum shirts, as well as some new key chains, Dark Mark stickers, and more.

Thanks to Chris, Sabrina, and all who wrote!

Note: These items will shortly be on The Cauldron Shop – we will notify you as soon as they are so that if you are thinking of buying and want to support the Floo Network at the same time you can do so! :) Thank you!

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