Belated Staff Announcement


Dec 01, 2005

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He’s not our newest staff addition, but we wanted to welcome him all the same: Alex Robbin, who has been working for a long time on LeakyLounge almost since its inception, has joined the main Leaky team as a staff programmer. That’s a handy title, but doesn’t truly encapsulate what Alex does – so I’ll put it a bit more succinctly. Everything. Alex does everything. He updates our PotterCast page with info and transcripts, he codes tiny corners of the site that a regular user will never notice, he takes on whatever task we offer him with enthusiasm and ability and efficiency. We’re proud to have him on the team and hope you’ll welcome him all over again! Here’s his bio:

Alex Robbin is a high school student who spends what free time he has working on multiple websites. While still managing to keep up with school work, he is a Leaky Tekkie over at the Leaky Lounge, keeps up his own site, Godric’s Hollow, does web design for companies around the greater Boston Area, and now is working throughout Leaky to update pages that need updating, and spruce up pages that need sprucing. He also maintains the area which is still undergoing changes. He will be updating a lot of pages throughout Leaky with new information, links and much, much, more. Alex has been doing web design for the past 3 years and has progressed greatly in the passed year while working on the Leaky Lounge and on Leaky.

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