Accio, First British HP Convention, Details Schedule, Speakers

Feb 13, 2005

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The team of Accio, the first HP convention to take place in Britain, has announced its programming today. The details, including a timetable, are available at the convention’s site,
Accio will take place July 29 through July 31 at the University of Reading, UK. Presentations, panels, speehces, games, a feast and more are planned.

Guest speakers announced thus far are Elizabeth Kay, and the Floo Network’s own Steve Vander Ark, the HP Lexicon guru.

For a rundown of the topics slated for the event, click below. Thanks to the Accio team!
Topics of seminars will include:

Elements of Arthurian tradition in HP
Whodunnit? The case against Remus Lupin
Beings and the Beast – Free Will, Destiny, Contagion for Animagi and Werewolf
How statistics and computer-based visualisations contribute to our understanding of HP
The Nameless World of Harry Potter
Mischief Managed: The Young Marauders Ride Again in Fan Fiction
Blessed are you for creating Harry – Jewish affinity with Rowling’s Tale
Is HP still a nice Jewish boy, Part 2
Splinched in translation (a translator’s perspective)
From Folkloric Phantams to Paracelsan Spectres:
Contexts for reading ghosts in HP
Looking beyond the Words – Idias, Morals and Values for Children, using the literature of JKR
Alchemical Symbols
HP and the Bible
Alchemy, Rosicrucian lit etc.
Muggle Magic: Have they caught up with us?
Chosen One – Narratives of psychosis and prophecy and their relationship to HP
The HP Series: Retelling and Reawakening
A comparative piece – the boy mage in The Dark is Rising, A Wizard of Earthsea and HP
Getting Stoned at Hogwarts – The Gorgon Threat in CoS
Why do the Harry Potter books resonate so personally?
Harry Potter through the looking glass (language)
Characterisation of Rita Skeeter, Dolores Umbridge and Bellatrix Lestrange and the creation of degrees of evil
Exploring the language of HP: An introduction to stylistics
From Convention to Insurgency: JKR’s critique of childhood innocence in the HP series
Social problems of the wizarding community within HP – house elves
Jack shall have Jill, Naught shall go Ill. HP , a traditional love story? “Shipping” as narrtive and aesthetic strategy

Finding Hogwarts

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