HP Lexicon’s Lovey Makover

Feb 13, 2005

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Our Floo Network partner, the Harry Potter Lexicon, has had a bit of a Valentine’s makeover, thanks to the talented Laura Freeman. Laura did the artwork for the Lexicon’s winter theme as well, and is justifiably famous in the fandom for being the artist whose picture of the Marauders Jo Rowling once had on her desktop. It was a “particularly accurate portrayal of Sirius and Lupin,” Rowling said when her site debuted last May. (Her other art is here, the picture I believe is the picture here – but someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Laura thinks it might be this one. Hey Jo! Which one was it?)
(If you’re not seeing the new images over at the Lexicon be sure to refresh.)

Happy Valentine’s day to those of you who choose to celebrate it. Those of you trying to ignore it, feel free to forget we said that, and return to tossing pictures of ex-paramours into the trash. :)

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