David Heyman Interview


Feb 18, 2005

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Harry Potter film producer David Heyman is interviewed in an article for Variety magazine about adapting books into film. Mr. Heyman reiterates again the importance he feels about keeping faithful to the spirit of the Potter books, and the relationship between the screenplay writer and author J.K. Rowling.

Sometimes, though, it’s clearly in a screenwriter’s interest to forge close ties with an author. The “Harry Potter” series is a good example. With Warners intending to turn all seven projected books into movies, maintaining Rowling’s good will is imperative. “The last thing we want to do is adversely affect the relationship,” says Heyman. “We show her the drafts, and if we make any substantial departures from the books, we consult her first.”

Heyman insists that the films have benefited from Rowling’s involvement. “Jo’s knowledge of this world is so much deeper than the books themselves,” he says. “She has countless notebooks about this world. And we may need names or characters who might not be in the books, so she can guide us in terms of not adversely affecting her world.”

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