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Feb 19, 2005

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HP4U.CO.UK let us know about a new Goblet of Fire filming report just posted. This article says that filming is taking place today in Black Park, although it is very difficult to get near the set. Of the scenes being filmed, the report says

Filming right now (picture Hagrid asking Harry to meet him in his cabin for a surprise!) are night scenes with Hagrid, Harry, Bill, Madam Maxine & Co. Of course then, there are the Dragons ! Obviously the dragons will be CGI based (and no doubt brilliant at that), but as with the award winning Buckbeak scenes, there is the use of a prop Dragon which we tried so []hard to get a shot of, too no avail. We can confirm its there and in one of the shots you can see part of it under wraps.other facts…the wall shot is the entrance to be used to the Dragon enclosure.

Click here to read the entire report and view set photos here. Thanks Tyleete!

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