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Feb 04, 2005

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A short while ago we reported the UK special edition of HBP was to be released in Oct; today Amazon.co.uk is listing it as Oct 3, for £21.00.

The listing on the American special edition has been slightly updated to include a slipcase (like that on OotP’s, presumably) and to say that there will also be unique Mary Grand Pre art as well as the 32-page insert blown up to full size previously announced; however, the insert remains the same and there is no indication as to where the unique artwork will be or even if it’s different than unique artwork that is inside every HP book (and this insert). It reads: “This slipcased deluxe edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince includes unique art by Mary GrandPre and a 32-page insert with the black-and-white art from the book blown up to full-page size.” HOWEVER: Scholastic has let TLC know that this information is unconfirmed; it will probably change on the site shortly. Thanks to HPANA for telling us about the change in this edition’s description. This does beg the question that if the black-and-white art from the book is blown up to full-size, and is 32 pages, is HBP 32 or 31 chapters long? (There is usually a GrandPre piece of artwork on the title page too, making 31 chapter headings).Update: A TLC reader who works in publishing has let us know that the page count is likely 32 because most books have total pages that are a multiple or 8 or 16, so an insert of this size would have to add two segments of 16-pages each, or go down to 24, or up to 40 – which is likely why this number came out to 32. In other words..back to the drawing board on chapter numbers!

Our HBP FAQ has been updated with all of this info and many preordering links, which you can also get right here:

Barnes and Noble – $17.99
Amazon.com – $17.99
BooksAMillion.com – $17.97
Amazon.co.uk – £9.99
Adult Edition
Amazon.co.uk – £9.99
Special Edition
and Noble
– $42.00
Amazon.com– $42.00
Amazon.co.uk – £21.00
Library Binding
and Noble
– $34.99
Amazon.com – $34.99

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