CBBC Newsround Talks Casting for OotP; Davies Photo


Mar 04, 2005

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OotP Film

A few days ago we told you that casting had not yet begun for the next film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Production on that film is scheduled to start in January of 2006. CBBC Newsround now has an article with further information about casting for the fifth film, stating that the script for OotP is not yet finalised, and it is still uncertain if characters such as Luna Lovegood will even be in the film. As to the question if there will be open casting calls, like there were for the Patil twins and Cho Chang, CBBC reports

“In the case of characters like Luna Lovegood or Michael Corner – if they’re not cut from the film – it’s almost certain they’d be filled without the need for open casting calls.”

Also at this link there is a new photo of the actor Henry-Lloyd Hughes, who will be portraying Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain Roger Davies in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which will be released in November.

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