Is Peeves Gone?

Apr 02, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Phew. We had to call in the Bloody Baron to get Peeves out of here, especially in the forum, where the mods are still busy cleaning up Peeves’ mess.
We hope you all had fun on April Fool’s Day 2005, the craziest day in HP fandom. We had a blast…and so did Peeves, who liked it here so much he begged for a permanent position. However considering the nature of some of his jokes we think it appropriate he spend some time as our toilet cleaner before we let him near anything significant.

(He’s promised he’ll be back, but for now we have him corraled at Ask Peeves, which will stay up in its insulty glory.)

I personally want to thank all our amazing forum admins/mods, led by Nick Rhein – and especially our head designer, John Noe, for um – assisting Peeves in his graphical representations site-wide. These guys worked so hard, and had fun doing it, which makes it so wonderful.

Also, a bit of an announcement: AskPeeves was the first bit of work you’ve seen on these pages completed by our new programmer, Nick Poulden. Nick happened along at the precise moment we needed him and not only brought this incredible, thirsty know-how, but the kind of enthusiasm that is the number-one component of any Leaky/Floo staff member. Welcome aboard, Nick! You’ll be seeing more of his great work, very soon. A bio to come.

Happy holiday, everyone! Now back to our regularly scheduled Potty-type news.

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