Message from Dan Regarding the Weekly Reader article


May 16, 2005

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Page from forwarded a message from Dan Radcliffe that he sent to both sites (including regarding the interview we posted about last week:

I usually do not make any comment on postings on websites however, I have been made aware that a simple answer I gave in an interview to Weekly Reader re my relationship with Rupert has sent people into a maelstrom of speculation. It has shocked me that the words “I don’t spend much time with Rupert” has been interpreted in so many grossly inaccurate ways.

FACT: I like Rupert, I get on with Rupert, we are friends and when we are on set together we have a good laugh.

We don’t spend much time together off set – because there isn’t any!? Those of you who are familiar with GoF will know that there are many scenes in which Ron doesn’t appear? Also, I am still at school and when I am not on set filming I am in tutoring and when Rupert is not needed for filming he is not in the studio. But, we are good friends and any suggestion otherwise is wrong.

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