Starburst Magazine talks Goblet F/X


May 03, 2005

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Starburst Magazine has a short article about special effects used in the upcoming Goblet of Fire film. An interview with special effects supervisor Nick Dudmam reveals that the wings on the 40 foot long Horntail dragon “are literally ‘puppeteered’ from behind, and the tail?-it’s a tail on a stick basically.” The front of the dragon is created digitally. Other highlights mentioned are the Quidditch World Cup.

“We’ve got Industrial Light & Magic doing the dragons and the World Cup trying to replicate 80,000 screaming fans,” explains Visual Effects Supervisor Jimmie Mitchell. “The work that had been done previously on the Quidditch footage from the first two films was important to the flying.” has posted the scans from the magazine given to them from Page at You can see the scans at either site, here or here.
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