First-Look Exclusive: Official Goblet of Fire Poster Art


May 06, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


We are so thrilled (and after seeing this, a little weak-kneed), to bring you straight from WB the premiere of the first, gorgeous poster art for Goblet of Fire, featuring a silhouetted Harry in his Triwizard gear, an ominous quote from (we think) Dumbledore (the book suggests Trelawney, though), a tease for the web site (which still goes to Azkaban imagery), wonderful lighting and just…just…pure excitement. Check it out right here.
(There is no watermarking on this image, and it’s in the size we received it in – therefore we ask as always with exclusives that, so we can continue without watermarking stuff we get in, that other sites link here instead of taking and reuploading. Thank you! I’m off to stare at the art again.)

Finding Hogwarts

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