Rowling E-Book Stories Clarification


Jun 17, 2005

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We know there’s been a tremendous amount of stories saying JKR has finally announced or said or something that there won’t be e-books of HP – thank you for the many e-mails. We haven’t posted this because there’s not much news in it, seeing as there’s never been any indication e-books were a possibility and no one made any sort of statement about it we haven’t seen before. It has been played as JKR standing up and saying, “There shall be no e-books!” which is not what happened; some people in the franchise, such as Neil Blair, one of her lawyers, and Barbara Marcus of Scholastic (see below), were asked about it and gave frank answers. But nothing changed about the issue – Rowling did not ban anything; some people just affirmed the stance the HP camp has on the matter. If you’d like to read an article on it anyway, try this one.

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