Harry Potter: The Times They Are A-Changin’

Jul 10, 2005

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Joel Garreau of The Washington Post (free registration required) offers up an interesting look at the impact of Harry on today’s generation:

So I found myself looking for the muse of my daughter’s generation, for its Bob Dylan — the seer who would announce to this new generation that “the times they are a-changin.’ ” I expected some Brazilian troubadour to rocket to the top of the charts, spread worldwide by the Web without benefit of any retrograde music industry. But now it has occurred to me that the prophet of our children’s era — the One who would speak of new realities that elders fail to grasp and offer a moral code in the face of lightning change — is here already, in tens of millions of books translated into more than 60 languages and carefully tucked away in bedrooms all over the globe: It’s Harry Potter, modern Magus, harbinger of today’s cultural revolution.

Thanks, David!

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