More Harry-Fan Bashing by Disgruntled Muggles

Jul 12, 2005

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The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Emma MacDonald joins Joel Stein from the LA Times in criticizing adult fans of the Harry Potter series. One of her “criticisms” is interesting, because JK Rowling herself has said that she never intended the books to be children’s books. MacDonald writes:

Children notice she’s been writing the recent ones not for 9- to 11-year-olds, but those 15+ who are Harry’s “present” age. Is Rowling ignoring her original target-age group by making Harry a stereotypical teenager in a series that’s now more a sci-fi thriller unsuitable for children?

This editor feels that MacDonald’s complaint that “recent books have many contrivances not in the first ones” is a bit odd, given that only a few people in the publishers’ offices have even read the current book.

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