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Jul 17, 2005

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This year’s Comic-Con is just wrapping up in San Diego, and at this convention Warner Brothers was there promoting the upcoming Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film. There was a special trailer shown, and thanks to reader Moony, we have a very detailed description of what was shown. There are mentions of new footage of Mad-eye, Wormtail, and even Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort. Click below to read.There are also similar reports at Coming, IGN Film Force, and Aint It book spoilers caution in comments at that link)
We also told you previously that Gentle Giant is making some new Harry Potter statues. These were all on display at Comic-con, including some new ones of Horntail, Snape, and a Dementor. We will have some great photos posted here soon, but in the meantime do check out these pics posted on
The trailer was introduced as being ‘cut specifically for Comic-Con,” and it will never be shown again. It was introduced by Mike Newell, who listed the terrifying ordeals that Harry would be going through: dragons, Voldemort, and girls. :-)

The trailer opens with Dumbledore announcing the Tri-Wizard
tournament, and the arrival of the other schools. Beauxbatons was
only half-done CGI but really cool, with Hagrid trying to direct the
carriage for landing and then diving out of the way. The Durmstrang
boat pops up out of the water, and you see Beauxbatons marching in,
and then Durmstrang stomping in. Dumbledore activates the Goblet
announcing that the Tri-Wizard Tournament has begun.

(I don’t remember what order everything happened in, because it went
by really fast.)

– Harry asking Cho to the ball. She’s cute, and he stumbles over his
words. It’s precious.
– Hermione looking at Viktor and thinking, ‘Oh, yeaaaah.’ 😉
– Hagrid: “I remember the first time I met you three, the biggest
bunch of misfits I’ve ever seen!” Cut to a shot of Harry and Ron in
their dress robes looking in the mirror.

– When the champions are announced, they show Viktor, Fleur and
Cedric, then Harry’s name comes flying out of the Goblet in red fire
(the others were blue), and Dumbledore roars his name. He’s really
angry. Cut to Harry and Ron bickering in the dormitory about whether
or not Harry put his name in the fire, and Ron sulking mightily.

– Yule Ball! Lots of waltzing, beautiful scene. Hermione peeks out
and then comes down in her dress, cut to a shot of Harry looking very
surprised and Parvati or Padma saying “Is that HERMIONE?” Cut to Ron
hissing at Hermione, “You’re fraternising with the ENEMY,” to which
Hermione sneers and says, “The ENEMY?” Viktor is seen kissing
Hermione’s hand, and dancing with her.

– There’s a shot of Harry and Hermione in a real clinch, a desperate
hug, and they’re surprised by someone.

– Shot of Rita Skeeter! She looks fabulous.

– Sirius’s face in the fire, telling him that things are getting
worse. It’s really creepy, the head in the fire, it’s completely made
of fire and looks almost like it’s part of the log.

– Wormtail! He’s in the graveyard, stirring the cauldron and
announcing Lord Voldemort’s return. VERY quick shot of Voldemort in
his hood, you can’t even TELL it’s Ralph Fiennes. It looks really
horrid. Wormtail’s arm is missing, but it was too dark to see
anything else. Harry lashed to the tombstone.

– The maze moves, the bushes seem alive. The dragon paddock/task is
on a cliff. The second task has platforms in the great lake, and
Harry leaping out of the water like a dolphin. The mermaids are

– Harry rubs his scar: “He’s coming closer. I can feel him.”

– A really great moment with Moody (whose eye is fantastic, it flicks around and is held in place by a contraption that seems bolted to Moody’s face) and the Defence lesson. He sets a spider on Draco who shrieks like a girl when it latches onto his face. Moody AKs it (wow!) and then says the line about how only one person’s ever survived the Killing Curse “and he’s in this room,” to which Harry just looks up at him.

– The dragon is incredible, though it wasn’t quite finished, nor was
the second task. That’s going to be a really intense scene.
Everything happens incredibly fast.

– The Dark Mark hovering over the campground is sinister – it’s green
and a combination of smoke and flame, and seems like it comes out of
the fires burning in the camp. Everyone’s running in twenty directions.

That’s all I can remember, it went by really fast and I couldn’t type
and take everything in at the same time. :-)

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