ADMIN: Notification System Nearly Fixed, Other Changes


Jul 05, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli | Comments


Hey all; we’ve been working with the incomparable Chad Everett of Everitz Consulting, who developed the system that sends you news notifications, to fix the bug where you’re getting multiple copies of each entry. That bug is fixed. Also, now, if you’re subscribed to more than one category and the news is filed in more than one of your categories, you will still only get one e-mail. A different bug, however – where you get two-week-old stories at midnight each night – is sticking around for another week. As you’ve probably noticed, it occurred because our comments system is set to close and re-save an entry after two weeks; the software then wrongly decided the newly edited entry was, well, new, and told you so. It looks like it has been fixed, but the software needs to catch up to the change, so hang tight for another week and all will be well for the tens of thousands of you who are signed up for some sort of e-mail alert. Thanks for your patience!

Also, more thanks go to Chad and Everitz Consulting for rummaging around in our files, throwing out the junk and making a lot of well-needed changes around here (have you noticed the main page is one-third the size it used to be? Scroll to the bottom to see why).

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