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Jul 08, 2005

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The “Ask Jo” contest is over, and the points stand thus:
1. theotherhermit, with 20% of the vote
2. RedMane, with 19% of the vote
3. hpmons, with 13% of the vote

The three questions that TLC will definitely ask Jo Rowling on July 16 are, respectively:

– Do memories in a Pensieve reflect reality or the views of the person to which they belong?
– What is the significance, if any, of the gum wrappers Mrs. Longbottom keeps giving to Neville?
– How and when was the veil made?

(Got that, Jo? Start scheming!)

See the results in pic from here: Poll 1; Poll 2

Congratulations, guys! And congratulations to our runners up – Mystique, PennyL, Apikei, FlyontheWall, Jenne, Malka and Cat got your tongue. If one of the top three questions is unable to fulfill its duties as not-answered-by-the-end-of-HBP for any reason, you shall be asked to step into its place.

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