On the Lexicon – Replay the JKR Door Openings

Jul 09, 2005

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Our Floo team has come up with something amazing again; the crew at the Harry Potter Lexicon has unveiled a major update, including full working archives of the door openings on JKR.com – this means if you’ve been out of town and missed it, or just want to do it again, you can got to the Lexicon and break into the “Do Not Disturb” door over and over again. Our LeakyLounge Flootie/Mod Lexicon_Bel put a huge amount of work into it and we think it’s just cool. We also want to keep in mind that this is not seeking to be a replacement to JKRowling.com, but a way for fans to relive history as we love to do.
Also, there was an egregious oversight yesterday in our post about 10,000 members in the Lounge; our Floo team, Lexicon Steve, Lexicon Josh, Lexicon Bel, Galleries Milly, Lisa of QQQ (and madam scoop herself!) – these guys also help create the awesome atmosphere over there, as witnessed in the Floo Grate forum, along with our WB Shop rep, Ila, who spends so much time taking in all your suggestions in the Cauldron Shop forum. Thank you, guys!

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