Harry Potter and the Infrastructure of Government

Aug 17, 2005

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A columnist for the New Hampshire Union-Leader has been musing on the role of the government in the HP series.

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement acts as a sort of KGB, rounding up citizens to appear before the Wizengot, where the accused are tried in a dungeon while bound to a chair. The guilty might be sentenced to Azkaban, a prison worse than Abu Ghraib under Saddam Hussein; at least he didn’t employ Dementors as guards. Government agents known as obliviators go about brainwashing people by erasing their memories. The Floo Network Authority gives the ministry the ability to monitor communications, sort of like your boss reading your e-mails at work. I hate to say it, but the wizarding world could use the ACLU.

Finding Hogwarts

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