2006 GrandPre Calendar Images


Aug 03, 2005

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Reader Mary just sent us scans of the mini- and full-size 2006 GrandPre calendar, which is available via Amazon (small calendar, big calendar), or at our Cauldron Shop calendar page. There’s a lot of new art, including some from OotP, so check it out – thank you Mary!
The Small Wall Calendar, 2006:
January: from OotP, Blackmailing Rita
February: from GoF: The Pensieve
March: from GoF: The Horntail
April: From CoS: Pixie Pandemonium
May: from OotP: Detention with Professor Umbridge
June: from CoS: Aragog
July: from PS/SS: Catching the Key
August: from PS/SS: Quirrelmort
September: from OotP: Stinksap
October: from PoA: Patronus Lessons
November: from PoA: Sneaking to Hogsmeade
December: from PoA (?): Christmas at Hogwarts

The Big Wall Calendar, 2006:
January: from CoS: The Flying Anglia
February: from OotP: Blackmailing Rita
March: from OotP: Stinksap
April: from CoS: Pixie Pandemonium
May: from GoF: the End of the Maze
June: from OotP: Detention with Dolores Umbridge
July: from PS/SS: Quirrelmort
August: from OotP: The Prophecy (with a look at Sirius and the veil)
September: from PoA: The Marauder’s Map
October: from GoF: The Cage of Light (ghosts from Voldemort’s wand…)
November: from PS/SS: Catching the Key
December: from GoF: The Pensieve

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