Ralph Fiennes Makes “Voldemort” Face on US TV

Aug 08, 2005

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Stephanie at RupertOnline.net sent us a transcript of Ralph Fiennes on Live With Regis and Kelly this morning, where he was promoting his new film, The Constant Gardener. She sent us a transcript, which you can read after the jump. Screencaps of Ralph making his “Voldemort face” are coming soon.
Kelly Ripa: We’re back with Ralph Fiennes; Ralph, who will be playing Lord Voldemort –

Ralph Fiennes: Yes

KR: -In the Harry Potter series [Ralph makes funny “Voldemort faceâ€]. Or as we like to call him around here, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. [to Ralph] That’s very exciting! Did you read the books? Were you a big fan of the books?

RF: I have to confess I wasn’t very informed about the books before-

KR: What!

RF: No. But now I have a lot–I’m-

KR: That’s terrible! [Pulls out tissue, and pretends to be crying. Everyone starts laughing.]

RF: I have a lot of nieces and nephews who are very excited, and they came to visit the set.

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