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Sep 19, 2005

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fleurdragon.jpgHuge thanks to reader Shaunna for capturing a Goblet of Fire TV spot that was shown during WB’s “Seventh Heaven” tonight. In this clip we have: the Durmstrang ship sailing, the champions starting the second task, Fleur with her miniature dragon, more of the Horntail, the Quidditch World Cup, more Yule Ball, and more.

Goblet TV Spot: “One, Two, Three…” (4.75 MB, mpg format)
Update: Grace from sent us the file in WMV and MOV format:

Goblet TV Spot: “One, Two, Three…” (1.87 MB, WMV format)
Goblet TV Spot: “One, Two, Three…” (4.75 MB, MOV format)

Thanks Grace!

Update #2: Matthew from let us know he has posted a high quality version of the new spot. Thanks Matthew!

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