Speculation About Oldman’s Role in Phoenix Abounds


Feb 07, 2006

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In response to your hundreds of emails: There has been some question (read: wild rumor-mongering) in the past two days about whether Gary Oldman will portray Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, with Oldman’s agent supposedly decrying WB for not recasting him in the film and urging fans to write Warner Bros.
Please, save a stamp. We’ve asked about it, and the only thing happening here is that certain actors and actresses won’t be needed on set for many months, even though principal photography on Phoenix began yesterday. It’s not that Oldman isn’t signed, or won’t be in it – it’s that filming has begun without him, which is anything but abnormal, especially for an adult actor whose schedule has to be condensed to fit other projects into the mix. As you’ve noticed, a lot of casting happened right before filming began – they’re doing a lot over there in London, and are focusing on what needs to be focused upon when it becomes important. We promise that if there’s even the slightest credible hint that Oldman won’t be in the film we’ll report it – right now we have every reason to believe he will be. If he wasn’t, they’d have to recast the role, as it’s no great revelation to say the character of Sirius is in the script (Dan Radcliffe has actually already talked publicly about it). These rumors are crazy speculation posted irresponsibly and without backup.

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