WB Confirms Oldman, Thewlis Back for Order of the Phoenix; Oldman’s Representatives Deny


Feb 07, 2006

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TLC is very happy to report to you that Warner Brothers has put an end to the speculation from earlier today, and confirmed to us that in fact, Gary Oldman will return in the role of Sirius Black for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There is further good news today , for WB also confirmed that actor David Thewlis will be reprising his role as Remus Lupin for Phoenix as well. They will be filming their parts later this summer. Yay!
Update Two: In opposition to earlier statements today, all Gary Oldman’s press agents/managers/etc. have denied (to us and HPANA) that he is in any negotiations or confirmed in any way, of which we’re of course required to inform you. Again, everyone, chill. It’s a long time until he’s needed on set, or a deal needs to be worked out. As soon as everyone can come back and say the same thing, credibly, again, we’ll let you know. We’ve been assured Mr. Oldman would love to be in the film from his manager, Douglas Urbanski. And there is no reason to believe WB wouldn’t be just as happy. So, if everyone shakes hands all will be fine.

Earlier Update: An agent from ICM, Oldman’s agency, confirmed to a trusted correspondent that Oldman will be in the film. Statements made by the manager are referring to contract, a word that has never been used in these posts or releases. The most-likely real behind-the-scenes explanation is that he is committed while the contract’s final lines are still under negotiation. The agency has said “Yes, absolutely,” to the question of whether Oldman will be in the film. In other words, everyone needs to breathe before diving into the hype. Once it’s credibly believable he won’t be in the film, we’ll (or someone with such authority will) post it. Until then he is, as assumed and reported.

Update #3: Channel 4 has a bit more on this now, including the following:

Warner Brothers spokeswoman Vanessa Davis confirmed no deal had been struck with Oldman, although one might still be arranged. She added: “With any film the priority is confirming the cast who will be on the set from the outset. They include Imelda Staunton.”

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