Cauldron Shop Update: Hermione’s Earrings and More

Mar 27, 2006

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We’ve got a great update for you from The Cauldron Shop, your spot for official HP merchandise:
New in the shop:

In the search for any and all cool HP merchandise, and in the aim of adding to the more than 1,200 items available at the shop, we’ve also added Target to the vendors on the Cauldron Shop, so expect to find some fun stuff there soon; among the first items are the
HP party supply pack,
the Goblet of Fire Party Favor pack,
the Harry Potter gift tin,
the Harry Potter treasure box, and our personal favorite,

the Flying Harry Potter, a Harry on a battery operated broom that flies on a cieling tether. Would the first person to buy this please contact us? I’m dying for a video demonstration.

Don’t forget, you can still sign up for a wishlist – they weren’t just for Christmas. :)

All purchases made through The Cauldron Shop fund the entire Floo Network of sites, so thank you for your support!

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