Leaky Presents Scribbulus, Your Spot for Essays, Finally Open!


Mar 06, 2006

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We are so very proud to announce the unveiling of Scribbulus, Leaky’s home for Harry Potter essays and opinion pieces. This is probably the biggest addition we’ve had to Leaky since the redesign, and we’re so excited to finally be able to open it to you.
This is something that has taken months, and has been asked for for years. We’ve been waiting until we could do it right, and with this team in place we feel we have. So, here it is! Click around, have a read, enjoy!

Scribbulus is organized like a journal, with a set of essays in each issue, and a call for a specific type of essay for the next. That doesn’t mean that you can’t write an essay on anything you want; calls are simply suggestions, in case you’re looking for one.

In this first issue we have twelve essays, including A Dozen Reasons Why Albus is Deader than a Dumbledorenail, a personal account of getting into fandom by Guru of Sloth, and many more. Each essay links to our forum, where you can discuss the works with your fellow opinioneers.

If you have questions on how this all works, please hit the FAQ page, and for resources you may need to use to write your own brilliant piece, check out the resources page.

And now, the thank-yous:

Kristin Devoe, the manager of this project, who heralded it through to publication and stuck with it to make sure it happened.

Nick Rhein, our forum admin who first noticed that the posts were getting to be “essay” length, and that it might be, you know, sort of nice, if we, maybe, put a couple of these into essay format where people could find them more easily. Heh. You know, throw it together quickly.

Doris Herrmann, Leaky’s project coordinator, who has been nothing less than an inspiration in moving this project through to its final stages.

The essay editors: mlwl, Firephoenix, ProngsPatronus, Theowayn, Towerdweller, and Eeyore.

Cathy, for the rollover artwork; Heather, for the banner artwork.

Sue, for helping edit; Kadi for helping come up with criteria; Asphodel Wormwood and Elly for helping reading; cnprple for helping Doris; the techies (Alex, JackDoor and Nick Poulden), who put up with the usual deluge of abuse heaped on them by programming-illiterate English major-type people.

On a personal note, I’m honored and thrilled to have these staff members, who work so hard simply to see you all enjoy what comes of it. Thank you guys! And, enjoy!

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