Leaky Presents: Quizzes! And the HP IQ Test


Apr 16, 2006

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Leaky is proud to present a new section: our Quizzes section, for all you HP quizmasters who love trying your hand at trivia and testing your personality in an HP-related way. This section will be expanded greatly upon in the near future: for now, we’ve got one, hard test for you to take. It scores out of 250, and most of the staff here got between a 110 and 160. It’s our first Harry Potter IQ Test, entirely trivia-based, about as hard as (or maybe even harder than) the W.O.M.B.A.T.s. You think you know your Potter? You might not think so after taking this; one of our most knowledgable collaborators got an “A” for “Acceptable” (113, if we recall). It takes roughly 20 minutes to take, and at the end you’ll get some nice artwork to put on your LJ/MySpace/Forum signature/blog/Xanga/whatever.
Most quizzes that will be in this section will either not be this hard, or will have nothing to do with difficulty at all (there is, of course, a Sorting Hat quiz on the way, as well as a “ship” – ‘relationship’ – quiz and a trivia quiz for each of the Harry Potter books) – but we wanted to challenge you all nice and heartily on the first time out. Have fun, and be sure to tell us what you get! (Click here to begin!)

Finding Hogwarts

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