Happy Birthday, David Tennant!


Apr 18, 2006

Posted by Melissa Anelli

David Tennant (Barty Crouch, Jr.) is having a great week! Not only did his new series, Dr. Who, New Earth have a terrific premiere, but today is his 35th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Tennant!

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Dear whoever, I am on this sight as i have a resident with downs syndrome and has very mild learning disabilities who lives and breaths for David Tenant. So much so she tries to look like him and is often heard having conversations with him in her room, imaginary of course but none the best real to her she sits and watches his dvd,s over and over again, i am her keyworker and actively work in the residential home as a support worker. basically i am trying to find an official fan club address for Dr who so she can join….. She would be so thrilled if she could join, I have scoured the internet to find such an address with no luck. Do you happen to know the address and if you do could you please send it to me, I am doing this on Caths behalf. thank you kind regards Joy.

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