150+ New High-Res Goblet of Fire Images in Gallery


Apr 04, 2006

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We’ve just added more than 150 new high-resolution images from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, including studio shots of the characters, to our gallery, which now has more than 20,400 pics. In addition, many of our old high-res images were replaced with higher-res images (which is why it will look like there are some you’ve seen before). Many of these images come from scenes not even seen in the film, many are from moments in the film we’ve never had a still image of, and many are images we’ve seen before but never in such great quality.

We couldn’t possibly list them all here, so visit the Hi-Res gallery as well as the Studio Shots gallery to leaf through them. Here are some of our favorites:

The twins jumping through the age line
Cedric and Cho walking
Hermione worrying
The kids practice dancing
Durmstrang fire
Casting the Dark Mark
Neville Dancing
Fleur and Cho
Cedric and Amos (1)
Fleur (1)
Fleur (2)
Cedric and Amos (2)
Ginny in Ball dress
The Dark Mark tattoo
Rita at the dragon task
Maxime and Hagrid
Rita and Bozo (1)
Rita and Bozo (2)
The twins
Katie Leung in makeup
Dean Thomas
The twins (after crossing the age line)
Mad-Eye in Ball garb
The dragon arena
Bartemius Crouch

Finding Hogwarts

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