Video of Jo and Jason Isaacs at the British Book Awards Now Available


Apr 07, 2006

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Thanks to Andy from our forums, we now have two videos for you of Jo Rowling at the “Nibbies,” the British Book Awards, where Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince won book of the year; one is a montage that shows and talks about her often and also features Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy; the other is of Jo’s acceptance speech. They’re available in WMV and MP4 (video iPod friendly) format (right click and save-as):

Arrivals montage (.mp4, 9.7MB, iPod friendly)
Arrivals montage (.wmv, 15MB, Windows friendly)

Acceptance Speech (.mp4, 7.7MB, iPod friendly)
Acceptance Speech (.wmv, 12.5MB, Windows friendly)

We also have the transcript of Jo and Jason’s appearances on this video:

Jo, in arrivals montage:
“The Nibbies mean a lot to me. I’m really happy to be here. I was first here nine years ago I think. And it was different. Far fewer cameras.”

Jason Isaacs, in arrivals montage:
“In my experience writers are generally found on the floor in a pool of their own dribble, and I’m hoping to see a lot of well-known authors get horribly drunk.”

Jo’s acceptance speech:
“A Nibbie is the first award that Harry Potter ever won. That night I was wearing much cheaper shoes, and I’ve been terrified ever since sitting down, of having to come up here because these are coming off me. The publication of Harry Potter involves frank insanity, some of which is fun, some of which is just plain mad. Half-Blood Prince brought a lot of that, but in the middle of it all was a book that I was quite proud of, and that is really the best a writer can say – obviously, apart from, ‘Look at the royalties.’ [Laughter.] And the very last thing I would like to say is I would like to say to Alan Bennett: you think you’ve got it bad. This is a great opportunity to say, I know owls don’t bloody well eat bacon. Thank you.”

Thanks so much Andy!

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