Rowling Roundup: “Thin” Article Hits Mass Media


Apr 09, 2006

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Since J.K. Rowling published her rant on our society’s definition of “thin”, newspapers, magazines and Web sites all over the world have picked up on the story. At, Dawn Olsen says, “At least J.K. Rowling is using her fame and popularity to try to turn the tide and for that, she gets some serious credit,” while the Sunday Herald says, “It’s good to be reminded of this. Almost every woman I know, and many men too, has experienced moments of repulsion, as well as pleasure and indifference, towards her body and those around her.” The Times Online notes that her rant “might well have the editors of Vogue, Cosmo and the like running for cover.” Forbes says that, “even a billionaire wizard begetter such [as] herself needs to vent every once in a while.”
INS News first says that the message makes the writer of the article punch the air and shout “Yes,” but then goes on to prove that she hasn’t read the books with any amount of comprehension, calling Hermione “ravishing and trim” in the books (and “especially as played” in the movies). (Trim, thin, skinny, lean, fit – not ever ascribed to Hermione or hardly any character in the books.) And even more to the negative, The Scotsman says, “Rowling is taking herself a wee bit too seriously and should, perhaps, get out more.”

Other mentions include The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Monsters and Critics, IBN Live, Inside Online, Fametastic and The Associated Press.

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