Report on Possible Trelawney Scene in Phoenix


May 07, 2006

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In early February TLC reported exclusively that the character of Sibyll Trelawney was to be included in the upcoming Order of the Phoenix film. Today, HarryPotterFanzone has a report from someone who says they are an extra in the new Potter film that gives some details about a possible scene with our favorite Divination Professor played by Emma Thompson. (TLC can confirm she has a wine bottle like in the book, though the other details of this report remain unconfirmed.) Quotage:

“I have definite news that the scene where Trelawney is sacked by Umbridge will appear. It takes place in the courtyard (the one used at the end of GOF) and features Filch, Trelawney, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Umbridge and all of the main student cast (however, none, apart from Harry, play a big role in the scene).

During the scene, a group of extras (including me) have to stand on the steps outside the courtyard’s main doors while [the teachers] and Harry have to pass through us. Trelawney is standing traumatised over a large group of her suitcases. (However, she isn’t wailing and screaming like a mad person as described in the book. She’s just standing upset and overwhelmed.)

I can also confirm that there’s a Knight Bus stored on one of the sets, [and that it is slightly different from the one used in Prisoner of Azkaban].”

While we can not confirm this report, it certainly sounds good, and we will update with more when we can. Thanks to HarryPotterfanzone!

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