JKR on the Richard & Judy Show: Talks Book Seven Deaths and Reprieves


Jun 26, 2006

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Author J.K. Rowling appeared today on the Richard & Judy talk show today where she discussed Book Seven, which she reiterates is still NOT finished. Jo said that the last chapter has changed slightly, and two characters die, who she did not originally plan for their demise. She also added that one character has been given a ‘reprieve.’ She refused again to indicate whether Harry lives or dies at the end of Book Seven. Jo also discussed the new children’s book that she is writing (non-HP) and she said she has not yet finished that book yet. JKR says that there are parts that she wrote early on in the books that she regrets, as she fears she may have boxed herself in on some things. Finally, there was also a question and answer session with children in the audience. We are trying to get a complete transcript and video up for you as soon as we can. Anyone with video, please send it in!

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