Ron and Hermione Make the EW List of Sidekicks


Jul 14, 2006

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Entertainment Weekly magazine has created a list of the top 50 Greatest Sidekicks, and two beloved characters from the Harry Potter series made the list. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, sidekicks to our Harry are listed at number 11. Says the magazine:

“When you’re a teenage wizard pursued by an evil warlock who killed your parents, it helps to have friends like these. Without Hermione’s brains, Harry would never know which herb or incantation to use. And Ron? Well, he and the Weasley clan have provided Harry with the one thing he needs the most — family. Also, Ron and Hermione are totally going to hook up — that is, if they survive J.K. Rowling’s seventh volume of the series.”

Taking the errm top spot to be the number two character was Ed McMahan, sidekick to legendary TV host Johnny Carson. Others on the list include Robin, Ethel Mertz, Chewbacca, and this editor’s personal fave, good old George Costanza, cohort to Jerry Seinfeld. Thanks Sanjay!

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