Poppy Pomfrey Publishes Study in Medical Journal

Jul 16, 2006

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Madam Poppy Pomfrey is listed as one of the authors of a study recently published in Annals – Academy of Medicine Singapore. This is a real article, published in the journal’s “free papers” issue.
The article’s title and abstract read:

Interesting In- and Outpatient Attendances at Hogwarts Infirmary and St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies

Ailments afflicting wizarding folk are underreported in the muggle world. The recent integration of muggles and magical folk with the return of You-Know-Who (aka He Who Must Not Be Named) may result in a similar affliction of inhabitants of both worlds. We describe interesting maladies afflicting muggles and wizarding folk alike, arising from the use and misuse of magic. We also provide a basic glossary of magical ailments, and describe their muggle corollaries. Further studies will hopefully result in the development of immunity against the unforgiveable curses.
Ann Acad Med Singapore 2006;25:127-9
Key words: Ailments, Muggle, Potion, Remedies, Wizard

This informative 😉 article includes a table of Ailments Affecting Wizarding and Muggle Folk alike, including Vomiting Slugs, Depression, Werewolf Syndrome and Pig Tail. A second table lists useful Potions, charms and other remedies.

Of special note is the illustration showing the “unidentifiable remains of wizard patient #235 after having been cursed with the ‘Avada Kedavra‘ curse.”

References include six books by author J.K.. Rowling, as well as Weasley, A. “Muggling Along: 17 years in the misuse of muggle artifacts office can’t have been a waste of time,” and Bagman, L. “Help the muggles? I’d rather eat a bowl of bubopus!”

Dr. Erle Chuen-Hian Lim of Singapore is listed as the primary author of the study, and invites correspondence via email or owl, but asks for “no howlers, please.”

Thanks, Sarah!

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