Yates says Centaurs in Phoenix “are Wonderful”


Jul 24, 2006

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OotP Film

There is some additional information online tonight about the videotaped message from David Yates and Dan Radcliffe promoting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that was played at Comic-Con over the weekend. In addition to the photo and reports from earlier, Movie Web now has some additional quotes from this video, where David Yates mentions the Centaurs.

“David pointed out in this film, “Harry is in a battle for his life and soul. There’s a wonderful battle scene at the end for his life; it’s absolutely amazing.”

Daniel talked about working on this film, “It’s fantastic; it’s such a blast being on set.” David gave out some info about Professor Umbridge, played by Imelda Staunton. “She’s a cross between Doris Day and Freddy Krueger,” he said. They’re also going to add some new creatures for this fifth version of the Harry Potter series; “We’re also bringing in these half-men/half-horse characters to the mix, that are wonderful.”

Also, thanks to MuggleNet, you can now see some photos of the Harry Potter film props that were on display at Comic-Con. Thanks Raquel!

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