Lumos 2006: “A Potter Playground for Adults”

Jul 27, 2006

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Lumos 2006 is officially underway in Las Vegas, and The Toronto Star reports that the event is being called “a Harry Potter playground for adults.” In particular, this article discusses teachers’ attendance at Lumos, and their use of Harry Potter novels as a way to stimulate reading and impart lessons of virtue to their students. Quotage:

“‘In Harry we see the virtues of courage and strength. He’s had to overcome so many difficulties and challenges in life. That’s a great lesson for children to get nowadays.'”

The article also highlights some of the activities going on at Lumos:

Between dozens of teacher-geared sessions such as ‘The Hogwarts Model: Educational Theory and Practice in the Harry Potter Novels,’ there will be water quidditch at the hotel pool and live chess in the evenings . . . Evenings at Lumos will feature Hogwarts night classes and feasting. Muggles — humans to those who haven’t read Harry Potter — and wizards will dine on padfoot stew, Aunt Petunia’s violet pudding and cornish pasties.
The hotel pubs will be pouring Butterbeer, Morsmordre [sic] margaritas and Pansy Parkinson’s frilly pink martini.”

Lumos continues through July 30.
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