Happy Birthday, Leaky!

Jul 05, 2006

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It’s the first time we’ve remembered to celebrate it, but nonetheless: Six years ago today, before Goblet of Fire had come out in hardback, Kevin C. Murphy published a teeny little news blog called The Leaky Cauldron and made the first post of what has become the oldest Harry Potter news archive online. It said: “Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron… devoted to the continuing adventures of Harry Potter,” and it looked like this.
Things have changed a lot here, but have also remained the same: Those of you around since the beginning know that this site’s dedication to news and interviews as its first and foremost priority – to turning Harry Potter fans from spectators of this phenomenon to actual agents of feedback, reporting and change within it – has not wavered. And this year especially, as the whole phenomenon teeters on the edge of the Book Seven Drop, we wanted to celebrate what has thus far been an awesome ride with you all. Some of you are already celebrating; in what itself qualifies as a mark of this site’s growth, its fan podcast, Leaky Fan Cast, has put out a special episode in celebration; they put so much hard work into this, interviewing senior staff members and collecting voicemails from fans wishing Leaky a happy birthday, that we wanted to thank them especially. There’s also a party going in the lounge!

To celebrate, here are some links to some of what we consider the huge highlights of the past few years:

We meet JKR for the first time and she calls us her favorite fan site and gives this autograph. (Fullreport from that day)

The first “Get A Clue” Drive raises $24,000 for charity, and all our fundraising activity for Book Aid International

The set reports: Becoming the first fans to report from the sets, as the only ones on the Prisoner of Azkaban backlot

Bringing the fans exclusively to the Chamber of Secrets junket and bringing back the first fan interviews with the main trio of actors, the director and producer

Getting to bring you so many interviews after with the other actors: Jamie Waylett, Chris Rankin, Bonnie Wright, Matt Lewis and so many more (see our interviews page).

Debuting PotterCast, which has become its own…thing

Welcoming John Noe, Nick Poulden, Sue Upton, Kristin Brown, BK Delong, Doris Herrmann, Nick Rhein, Alex Robbin, and all of what is now a 130-person strong staff

Representing you all at The Webbys, where you voted us Best Celebrity/Fan Site (our speech, by the way, is now available on its video podcast of the event)

Announcing that we had received J.K. Rowling’s Fan Site Award and had an upcoming interview with Jo herself

Of course, that weekend itself: Half-Blood Prince in Scotland, interviewing Jo Rowling, still too huge a highlight to even belong in a list like this

I can go on for a long, long, time. The point is, it’s been a great six years, I’ve had a blast for the five I’ve been here, and here’s to many more to come!

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